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  Sometimes life presents us with challenges that are difficult to overcome. You might feel overwhelmed and alone, especially if you live in a foreign country. Friends and family can offer their support and encouragement, but even with their best intentions, their help might not be enough. In such moments of distress, a trained mental health specialist can provide a secure environment where you can express your feelings, and explore alternatives for your life’s challenges.


  I am a psychotherapist who was born in Paris and lived for 23 years in Australia.  I usually work with people who are feeling stressed, overwhelmed, sad, depressed or experiencing difficulties in their lives and they might not know what to do to get better. I also work with couples when they feel they have reached a dead end in their relationship.


  In the therapy or counselling process, you can talk freely about your concerns, in a secure and confidential environment, and look for alternatives to your troubles.  I believe that therapy can help people make sense of what is happening to them so they can take the necessary steps to make changes, solve their problems and reach their goals.


At the beginning of treatment, we will address the most uncomfortable   symptoms.  Later from a calmer state, we can move to work on deeper issues. It is my wish that my patients, not only reduce their symptoms, but that they reach a full and happy life.  I can also offer hypnosis when needed.



  To learn more about my services and discuss your needs, you can call me on 33 (0)1 42 67 25 51 or contact me by email 

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